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Real Estate In Turkey

One of the most attractive places on earth, Turkey is preferred for its beautiful coastlines, amazing nature and reasonable property prices. Located in a strategic position between Asia and Europe, Turkey is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is an extremely popular destination for foreigners, looking for a pleasant climate and high standard of living. According to the recent changes in real estate laws, buying property in Turkey brings a lot of advantages to foreigners. Realtor in Turkey will help you throughout your purchase and post-purchase processes. We are highly qualified in international sales we and we have hundreds of clients in Europe, Middle East and Russia. With our unique contemporary style and total passion for connecting people with property, we aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern consumer.

Every region in Turkey has its own kitchen culture, including distinct ingredients and their resulting recipes. There is no doubt that The Republic of Turkey is one of the culturally and traditionally richest countries in the world along with its diverted climates and cultures. Either you like to live in a cosmopolitan city or in a peaceful town; Turkey has variety of options. Whether you’re thinking of working in Turkey, in one of the major cities, such as Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya, or retiring to the Turkish coast, you can find your perfect place in Turkey with the help of Realtor in Turkey’s well-experienced real estate agents.

Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Since its main income source is tourism, Turkey seasonally hosts many foreigners on its coastlines. Crystal clear waters, tall mountains, the ruins of ancient empires, small idyllic villages, huge cosmopolitan cities—Turkey’s many facets are what make it so unique and why it has continued to attract visitors. Once visiting these beautiful cities and holiday places, you will never want to leave and wish to become habitants. Realtor in Turkey’s extended portfolio and agent’s global vision will help you to find your dream house.

Properties in Turkey are generally cheaper than the ones in the Europe or other countries in Middle East. According to the researches, in the first half of 2017, direct investment from European countries to Turkey has gone up by 61 percent. By 2021, the demand is expected to increase two times more. So don’t waste your time!

The cost of living is quite cheap in terms of taxes, transportation, food, groceries. You can enjoy traditional Turkish breakfasts, desserts and drinks for a cheap price. Besides, transportation is not difficult in Turkey: There are more than 55 airports and 33 of them offer international flights as well as domestic flights. You will have an easy access to your home if you like to visit somewhere by plane.

            If you’re thinking of making the move to Turkey, you’ll need to find somewhere to live. While renting in Turkey is a strong option, many foreigners choose to buy property if they’re going to stay in the long term. When it comes to choosing your dream house, you can check out our portfolio of newly-built apartments with the highest quality of design. Whether you have a big budget or a small budget, you can find your ideal house within a lot of options. Properties in Turkey vary from a single bedroom apartment to 6-7 bedroom villas with a huge garden and a pool. Depending on your taste, lifestyle, and budget, we present our best selections to you.

Plus, one of the advantages of investing in Turkey is that its open market policy welcomes foreign investors to settle in Turkey. Once you buy your property and register it to your name, you can have a residency permit and later obtain a Turkish citizenship with your first degree family members.

As you can see, the benefits of buying property in Turkey are countless. As Realtor in Turkey; we sold hundreds of properties to the foreign investors. Our team is full of experienced agents. We are not confined by traditional real estate boundaries when it comes to buying, instead we are always finding new and innovative ways to satisfy our clients’ needs and be at the forefront of the Turkey’s property market.

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