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  • RT - 1023Ref No
  • 1602m2
  • 3+1Room
city 1 Km
beach 2500 M
airlines 26 Km

Rooms Size Balcony Bath Price
3+1 160-600 m2 2 2 € 195.000

Kargicak is a town of Alanya district in Antalya, which has a coast on the Mediterranean. Alanya is a place with many natural and historical beauties. Kargicak is a region of Alanya intertwined with more nature. For this reason, it has a lot of greenery. The sea is very beautiful. Alanya center is 16 km away.  In this respect, it is a perfect region for vacation. This lux villa for sale is located in Alanya, Kargicak. It is 2.5 km away from the sea. 26 km from the airport. Shopping places where you can meet your needs are also 1 km away.

The villa for sale in Alanya is furnished from furniture to white goods. There is a generator and air conditioning is available and these items are new and modern designed. It has a really beautiful and large garden. There is a swimming pool in this garden. There is an open car park. The lux villa for sale has three room with two balconies and two baths. There is also a room in the garden that you can use for different purposes. There are also seating areas in the garden. There is a beautiful terrace where you can watch the sea view. There is also a room on the terrace.

This luxury villa for sale with sea view offers you a comfortable living space. You can buy this villa for investment purposes, as it is an excellent choice for a holiday.

Realtor In Turkey +90(242)5287071
  • Generator
  • Furniture
  • White Goods
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garden
  • Open Car Park
  • Pool
  • Sea view
  • Nature view
  • City view