Bursa is a city of Turkey located in Marmara Region. It is a popular city both for vacation and settle in. It is a very green city due to its beautiful nature. It has many histirical places to visit because it has been a capital and home for many civilizations and empires. It is the fourth biggest city of Turkey in terms of population. The center districts of Bursa, Osmangazi, Nilufer and Yıldırım are mostly residential areas. On the other hand, Uludag is preferred due to being a district that is the most important skiing center of Turkey. Also in Gemlik district there are many vacation places and a harbor. Bursa is also famous for its Turkish baths.


Bursa is in a very convenient location. It is very easy to reach from İstanbul. It also has Yenisehir Airport for domestic flights. There are many touristic investments in Bursa. Some of them are thermal hotels that enable people to visit Bursa for their health. Also, it has Turkish baths and sulphurous waters for wellness. In addition to its amazing natural beauty and wonderful coast, Bursa is visited by many people due to wellness reasons for the 12 months of the year.


Bursa has many newly built and renovated places for settlement and investment. These properties are constantly increasing due to the high popularity of Bursa. The city welcomes many people from Turkey and foreign countries each year for vacation and residential purposes. Bursa is a naturally very beautiful and safe city to settle. Also, its apartments offer high-quality equipment and services. Most apartments in Bursa are modernly decorated and spacious.


Bursa is an industrial city. There are many industrial sectors and business areas developing there. Due to these, it welcomes many businesspeople from around the world. Two of the biggest industries in Bursa are textile and car industry. These two areas of work enable Bursa to develop constantly. They add to the value of the city. Many world-known brands are operating in the city therefore they have headquarters there. This makes Bursa a constantly developing city with an increasing demand.


Due to these reasons, apartments in Bursa are on high demand. The prices of the apartments are not very high, especially from buyers from Euro Zone, but they are increasing constantly. You can find modern and nice apartments in Bursa for sale starting from €60.000. Also, this high demand affects the rental sector. It is very motile due to the people coming to Bursa an all months of the year for business, vacation or wellness purposes. The city is a lively one in terms of real estate, especially apartments.


Considering the mentioned qualities Bursa is the proper place to settle in or to make an investment. Its nature, history and wellness facilities, together with its modern or renovated apartments, enable people a high-quality residential life. Its high demand of property sector makes it a good place to make an investment. These coming together, it is a wise choice to buy an apartment in Bursa.