İstanbul is the biggest and most popular cosmopolitan city in Turkey. It is a home for many people all around Turkey and the world. This popularity comes from being the heart of culture, entertainment, living and everything you may imagine. It is a great city for a vacation and also owning a property in İstanbul is an asset in many ways. For example İstanbul has a very rich cultural background. It has been the capital of many civilizations and empires, which makes it the richest place in terms of artifacts. It has many cultural activities to offer because nearly all kinds of artistic events take place in İstanbul. Also it has many amazing and newly built residential complexes with modern designs and equipments.

İstanbul is a great city and has many beauties to catch. Lately it has many newly built or renovated apartments to offer especially very convenient for foreigners. The newly built complexes are generally located in newly developing areas such as Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Kucukcekmece and Esenyurt. The urban transformation projects carried out by the government opened many space for newly built luxurious complexes. Since these projects are constructed with a city planning, everything is being thought of while on the design phase.

These complexes offer everything you may ask for. Nearly all of them have very modernly decorated luxurious apartments for sale. Also these apartments are in complexes that offer well-maintained communal activities. Especially in newly built complexes, you can find all facilities near you. These complexes offer a large scale of options in terms of apartments such as penthouses, studios, flats, etc. There is a complex and apartment for everyone’s taste.

As we said before, İstanbul has everything to offer. This makes the city a very popular city in terms of apartments. Owning an apartment in İstanbul is a very wise choice in terms of usage and investment. You can live in your elegant apartment and enjoy the world İstanbul offers or rent your house easily when you like. Also since apartment prices in İstanbul are continuously increasing, you can consider this a very good investment. Newly built complexes offer everything you need, but also old and renovated apartments of İstanbul are carrying the history with them. Also they are in the city so you have no difficulty reaching what you need or want.

In terms of views, İstanbul is a marvellous city. First of all, apartments that have the view of the Marmara Sea and Bosphorus are assets to live for. Also apartments around the golden horn offer everything modern, artistic and bohemian. Additionally newly built complexes offer the view of beautiful İstanbul nature and the city.

İstanbul also has a very large potential in terms of nearly all kinds of businesses. This makes the offices within the complexes assets, too. Also this makes İstanbul a very important place for business people from around the world. There are many universities in İstanbul which accept international students. Therefore many students live in İstanbul and rent houses there. There are many reasons why people choose İstanbul for all kinds of purposes.

With all these qualities, İstanbul is the best place to own an apartment in. That is why there is always a high demand for the properties in İstanbul. Also this makes owning an apartment in İstanbul a wise choice. You can buy an apartment in İstanbul for residential purposes and live with all the opportunities offered you on a daily basis. You can rent your apartment easily for a weekly or monthly basis easily or you can invest in an apartment in İstanbul and watch the prices go up.