Ordu is a province located in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. It is near the coast. It is a typical Black Sea Region province with its amazing nature and mainly residential neighborhoods. It is a peaceful and amazing city located at the foot of a hill, immersed in green. It also has beautiful beaches where you can enjoy Black Sea.

Ordu has a very nice weather that does not go extremes. Similar to other Black Sea Region provinces, it receives a lot of precipitation in winter. In summers, it is generally cool, far away from dry hotness of Mediterranean. Due to these weather characteristics and its fertile lands, there are many fruit and vegetable gardens which gives you the opportunity to find fresh food all seasons. It is mainly the center of hazelnuts. Also the fishing activities are very developed there and you can enjoy the delicious fish of Black Sea.

These areas of East Black Sea Region attract attention of many investors. Especially after the airports nearby are built and reaching Ordu became easier, many people became interested in buying properties there. Therefore there are many new investments in this province. Most new investments are built within complexes that have communal facilities. These facilities enable people to live in a more closed and peaceful area. Also the interiors of these newly built apartments are modern and luxurious. All needs are thought of.


Since Ordu is located at the coast of Black Sea, at the foot of a hill, there are different options of apartments. Some of the complexes are built near the coast, close to beaches and enable people to enjoy Black Sea. Others are built in highlands or high spots, enabling people to spend more quiet time in the middle of green nature. That is why the area is considered the place where blue meets green.


Due to the increase in the interest in these areas, Ordu is constantly developing. The newly built complexes pushes the province to become a more developed place daily. There are many foreign investors and property owners. Therefore the area develops accordingly. These investments are met by the increasing demand. There are shopping and sports centers, recreation facilities and excursion activities that are increasing in number and quality day by day.


In addition to living in Ordu being a very peaceful and comfortable experience, these properties can be considered as good investments. The high demand, especially from foreigners, makes the properties in ordu easy places to rent. More and more people want to spend their vacations in this natural paradise. It is easy to find people to rent a property. Also since the investments of communal areas are increasing and the convenience of reaching Ordu is established, the properties there are good investments. The property prices are increasing year by year.


The Black Sea Region of Turkey is a naturally beautiful and comfortable region. Buying a second home here is an asset in many ways such as spending time in the amazing nature, ease in rentals and having a property with a value that is constantly increasing.