Trabzon is located in the east Black Sea Region of Turkey and it is the second most developed city of the area. The region is well known with its beautiful nature and many historical places. It also has a very distinguished culture, unique with respect to other parts of Turkey. Trabzon is becoming more and more famous due to the beauty of Black Sea and its amazingly green nature. It has a wonderful cuisine and many historical and religious places to see.

Lately, there has been a shift in the preferences of holiday places. More and more people are looking for peaceful and culturally rich places immersed in nature. This shift affected Trabzon because it has all these qualities altogether. Black Sea offers all its beauty together with the amazing nature of highlands of Trabzon. In addition Trabzon has many amazing lakes and other natural beauties. Therefore the property demand is increasing yearly. This increase in demand aroused the construction of new buildings and complexes.

In Trabzon there are many property types to choose from. You can find modern and elegant apartments and villas either near the Black Sea coast or in highlands, in the middle of natural beauties. These new projects offer many features, mostly all your needs are installed. The complexes have various communal places for relaxing and entertainment. These new projects and the fresh air of Trabzon makes owning a property there an asset.

You can find apartments at prices starting from €55.000 and villas starting from approximately €150.000. These prices mostly include the basic needs and facilities of the complexes. You can also find offices or shops in Trabzon for sale or rent. It has the benefit of being a big city of Turkey. You can live in a city with a rich natural beauties.

The weather of Trabzon also makes it a convenient place. Most times of the year, it is rainy and never dry. The air is moist most of the time. Also the weather does not go to extreme hots or colds, which makes the city a very comfortable place to live. Since the city is mostly occupied with residents, it is a very safe place. Also since it is developing recently, the projects are improving in a planned fashion. This gives you the opportunity to find spacious, elegant and modern, newly built properties.


This high demand also makes Trabzon a very profitable place in terms of properties. Having a property in Trabzon is an asset because you can enjoy its amazing nature and beauty of Black Sea. Additionally, due to the increasing demand on properties of Trabzon, you can easily rent your property. This high demand also makes Trabzon a very profitable place in terms of buying a property. This means that Trabzon is a good place for investment. The property prices increase yearly and the demand is getting higher and higher. These come together with the conclusion that Trabzon is the right place for both a second home and an investment.

Another reason Trabzon is on high demand is its cultural heritage. Trabzon has many religious places, especially monasteries that have historical importances to see. Especially Sumela Monastery is visited by hundreds of people every year. Additionally Trabzon Castle is a historically important place to visit. Also there are lakes that have very beautiful views together with highlands. These locations are making Trabzon a popular place to have a second home.