Realtor in Turkey after sale services staff try to help in case of any problem as soon as possible .

Our after sale services team will arrange cleaning service before client's date of arrival. So that, client does not have to think about cleaning their house in their holiday. Coming a clean and fresh house for holidays is the best thing you can have. It will be a good start to relax and enjoy you precious moment.

When leaving the apartment on the way back to your country you may forget to do something important about your house. Turning off the refrigerator or leaving perishable food in the kitchen.This will be no problem beacuse our starff will take care all of those things after you leave your house. You do not need to re think about your house when you left.

You can also order a cleaning service for your house when before your guests, relatives, friends or renters arrvial. Same services will be arranged for your guests in order to let them have the same fresh and clean athmoshere for their holiday.