As Realtor Turkey, we are with you in all matters related to your property with our professional after-sales service teams. In case of a possible problem, we solve your problem as soon as possible. We offer you services on the most important issues. One of these services is cleaning services. While you are settling in your newly bought house, when you rent your house, do not bother with cleaning while your short-term guests come to your home.

We clean your house for you before you enter your home. In this way, you do not have to deal with cleaning while settling in your new home. We are also with you for any other problems you may have with your home while returning to your country. Have you forgotten spoiled food in the kitchen? Have you forgotten your refrigerator or other belongings open? In all of these, we instantly solve your problem with our teams.

However, you can request cleaning services from us for your guests or tenants in your real estate.