Over the years, Alanya has been experiencing an amazing rush of popularity as far as real estate is concerned. The city which is located on the South Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, 150km east of Antalya continues to experience a rise in the value of real estate even though the rest of the world could be experiencing a recession. Thus, people struggling with indecision about whether or not to invest in real estate in Alanya should therefore be assured that it’s a logical decision that will definitely yield fruits. Here are a few reasons to invest in real estate in Alanya;

1)      Alanya is a touristic area

One of the reasons why you should consider investing in real estate in Alanya is the fact that it is a touristic area which attracts a huge number of tourists yearly. Alanya boasts of many beautiful and historic sites which continuously attract both Turkish nationals as well as foreigners on a daily basis. It is worthy to note that Alanya is part of the Antalya region, which is the second most visited holiday destinations in Turkey. Some of the outstanding facilities in Alanya that keeps attracting an influx of tourists, nevertheless include, the Alanya Castle, Damlatas Cave, Red Tower, Dockyard, Pirate Ship Cave Tour, as well as the Cleopatra Beach. Of course, investing in real estate in Alanya will always be rewarding because tourists always rent homes, guest houses as well as hotels during their stay in the city.


2)      Excellent transport infrastructure

Another reason why real estate in Alanya is doing well is thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. For instance, visitors to Alanya can use both the Antalya or Gazipasa airports, both of which are modern and efficient transport networks. It is worthy to note that the Antalya airport operates both domestic as well as international flights, thereby connecting the region with the rest of Turkey and the world. Road transport is equally well developed with an excellent cross country bus system service linking far and near routes. Of course, the great transport network goes a long way to attract people into the city, thereby improving the value of real estate.


3)      Relatively cheap property prices

The fact that real estate in Alanya is relatively cheaper and affordable than in most cities of the world is also a motivation factor for real estate investors. Unlike in other European cities, it is possible to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment in Alanya at approximately £50,000. It is therefore apparent that cheaper prices offer a more lucrative long term investment. Of course, financial experts have made it clear that real estate is one of the best long term investments because it has lower risk. Thus, it is logical for people seeking for long term investments in Turkey to consider purchasing a property in Alanya.


4)      A blend of traditional and modern culture

The blend of traditional and modern culture in Alanya has continuously attracted more people in the city, who in turn make demands for accommodation. It is worthy to mention that even though Alanya has embraced modernization, it has equally done a great job preserving its culture, thereby attracting travelers and potential experts who seek to experience a slice of Turkish heaven.


Of course, there are many more reasons to invest in real estate in Alanya. For instance, the city also has a conducive climate which keeps attracting tourists especially in the summer. Above all, many other European nationals have invested in real estate in this region thereby improving its value.