Types of real estate properties in Ankara

When it comes to real estate in Turkey, Ankara can never be left out. First and foremost, Ankara is the capital of Turkey and this alone gives the city a certain standard. Besides, the city is located in the country’s central Anatolia region. Ankara is equally the center of many interesting activities such as State Opera and Ballet, Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Performing Arts as well as several other national theatre companies. Thus, glancing at some of the activities that characterize this city, it becomes imminent that the value of real estate is high. This therefore explains why many business people and property investors from both Turkey and other European countries are ever ready to cease opportunities to invest in real estate in Ankara. There are however different types of real estate properties in Ankara and investors can always make a choice out of the available variety. They include;

1)      Villas

There are many villas available for sale in Ankara. Of course, these villas come in different sizes, although most of them have similar facilities such as rooms, bathrooms and even gardens. The price of each villa, however varies from region to region depending on the type of activities that are carried there. For instance, villas in some of Ankara’s most exclusive locations that are closer to schools, universities and hospitals are relatively more expensive than those located far away from such facilities. The average cost of a villa in Ankara is nevertheless estimated at €250,000. Of course, the luxury villas are expensive with some costing over €30,054,100.


2)      Residential complexes

People looking to invest in real estate in Ankara can also consider buying residential complexes. The reason is that residential complexes are always in high demand by the huge population of the capital city of Turkey. These residential complexes usually comprise of many apartments that can accommodate families, couples as well as single individuals. Most of these complexes however equally have general facilities such as swimming pools, security around the clock through system camera surveillance, garage, garden etc. Of course, just like villas, the cost of purchasing residential apartments varies according to location. Residential complexes that are close to natural habitats as well as beautiful sceneries are more expensive. To purchase a residential complex, most real estate agents demand a 50 percent upfront payment which is often accompanied by installment payments that can last for up to 24 months or two years.


3)      Duplexes

Aside villas and residential complexes, duplexes are equally available for those willing to invest in real estate in Ankara. These duplexes are most often tastefully furnished and are highly demanded by foreign nationals from countries like Germany, the UK and even the Scandinavian. As a matter of fact, many expatriates can afford renting or buying duplexes in a bid to make their families comfortable. Most of these duplexes often come with facilities such as internal swimming pool, external swimming pool, garden, and gym, etc. Of course, like any other property in Ankara, the price of a Duplex greatly depends on its facilities and location within the city.


4)      Castles

Even though castles are costly in Ankara, they are equally available for sale by real estate agents. Thus, people willing to invest in real estate in Ankara can also acquire a beautiful castle while hoping to make profits in the future. It is worthy to note that most castles are extremely valuable because of their historic significance. The oldest and most significant ones are definitely more costly than castles with little or no historic significance. Castles in Ankara are however never as cheap as their prices are sometimes as high as millions of euros.


Other types of properties available for sale in Ankara nevertheless include hotels as well as commercial building complexes that can be used as offices by companies and corporations.