4 tips for inspecting a property before purchasing in Ordu

Ordu Province which is located in the Black Sea coast of Turkey equally has properties that are available for sale. Of course, as a city in the coastal region, Ordu attracts so many economic activities which in turn results in an increase in the value of real estate in the region. There are therefore a variety of properties such as villas, apartments, duplexes and commercial building complexes available for sale to people interested in owing properties or investing in real estate in Ordu. However, before buying a property in Ordu, it is imperative to inspect it thoroughly in a bid to make the best choice thereby giving your money its much deserved value. Some of the aspects of the property that needs serious attention during a property inspection therefore include the following;

1)      Stains

Stains have a way of ruining a property and making it appear old. As a matter of fact, stains can make a property lose its value as every one’s dream is to buy a perfect home and not an already depreciated one. Thus, it’s imperative for buyers to check the property thoroughly during the property inspection to be sure there are no stains, particularly on the walls of the showers or baths. It is however worthy to note that although stains are not a structural defect, it could cost a lot of money to fix the stains.


2)      Drainage

Drainage is another very important aspect of a property that must not be neglected during a property inspection in Ordu. Thus, as potential buyers go out to inspect properties in Ordu, they should not forget to also focus their attention on the drainage system. To this effect, buyers are advised to take a walk around the external perimeters of the home to ensure that the drainage system is intact. It is worthy to note that all the roof down pipers of the drainage system are expected to be discharged in storm water soak wells and not just onto the ground. Besides, the drainage should also be checked for any signs of past flooding or excess water flow. Of course, no one is comfortable using a home with a poor drainage system. As a matter of fact, you should look well to determine if the drainage system needs cleaning or maintenance. However, you should note that replacing or repairing parts of the drainage system for an entire property could be costly. Thus, it is logical to settle for a property with a perfect drainage system.

3)      External roof lines

During an inspection of a property in Ordu, buyers must not neglect the external roof lines of the building. The best way to check the external roof lines is by looking at it from outside the property to ensure that they are straight and free of deflection. The roof gutters must not also be rusted from their inside edges. Of course, buying a property with a great external roofline is very paramount because it not only protects the property but it equally beautifies it.


4)      Ceiling

The ceiling is one the things that gives first impression about a property, so it must never be neglected during a property inspection. Thus, buyers should look at the ceiling carefully to see if it is firmly fixed and held in one position. They should bear in mind that a ceiling which is not firmly placed could result in accidents. However, aside from firmness, the buyers should also check the ceilings to ensure that they are not sagging.