Foreigner's choice %100 local capital Realtor in Turkey's founder and chairman of the executive board Anıl Ulaş ÖVENÇOĞLI; said their short-term aim in 2019 is raising their branch number to 23.He said they are proud to be the first local company connect their global consultancy service in their central office with their franchises.Realtor in Turkey is a growing family with giving support service to foremost the Middle East, Russia, and North Europe; totally 25 different countries. As of the moment of 2018, they are giving service with 4 offices and they are planning to raise that number to 23 and the country number they give investment support to 40. Our company gives sales consultancy for brand projects, is one of the leading company that Turkish construction companies give their projects.Investors from 25 countries; we are providing minimum cost, maximum profit to our franchise offices which are built upon the win-win system. We are making our franchise offices global with the help of sharing our investors from 25 countries thanks to our developed network system.To sum up our chairman of the executive board Anıl Ulaş ÖVENÇOĞLU states that their long-term aim in 2023 is having 200 office and intervene 2 billion dollar sales yearly.