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  • RT - 804Ref No
  • 1202m2
  • 2+1Room
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city 150 M
beach 700 M
airlines 34 Km

Rooms Size Balcony Bath Price
2+1 120 m2 2 2 € 85.500
€ 81.000

This two-bedroomed apartments for sale are in Cleopatra, Antalya. Cleopatra is a very popular and beautiful district, famous for its Cleopatra Beach. It has a very convenient location, easy to reach, at the center of the district. The building, where the apartment is, is 700 meters from the sea side and 34 kilometers from the airport. You can easily reach the site with your car. If you have a car, you can easily reach any location in the beautiful Avsallar district of Alanya. Also, the building is close to the bus stop. The building site is a very modern and luxurious one. As you can see in the photos, the building is modernly built. It is a new one with many services and facilities. The building offers an outdoor swimming pool, cable TV and satellite connections, pharmacy, market, shopping mall and an elevator. The interior of the house is perfectly built with high-quality materials. The size of the two-bedroomed apartment is 120 meters squared. The apartment offers the view of beautiful nature of the Mediterranean region and the lively view of Alanya district. This apartment is perfect for both vacation and living in it. You can decorate it with modern furniture and have amazing time in the beautiful Cleopatra district of Alanya. The building is new and modern. You can enjoy both the marvelous features of the building and Avsallar district. The price of the apartment is affordable. However, if you need it is available for a loan.

Realtor In Turkey +90(242)5287071
  • Pool
  • Cable TV - Satellite
  • Elevator
  • Nature view
  • City view
  • Rent guarantee
  • Available for Loan
  • Pharmacy
  • Close to Bus Stop
  • Shopping Mall
  • Market